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Refreshing Orange Creamsicle Popsicles For Summer Treat!

Cream and zesty citrus make the perfect combination to put out the heat for this summer! These bright orange creamsicle popsicles pack a healthy dose of vitamin-C rich for a healthy dessert. Makes 4 popsicles What You Need: 2 oranges, peeled Zest of one orange 1 peach, pitted 1/3 cup …

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10 Reasons To Go Vegan

There’s never been a better time to go vegan. #2016 #Resolution #HappyNewYear The reasons to support veganism goes further to show you 1o great reasons why we should go vegan. For the animals? For the people? For the planet? What’s your reason? Share with us on facebook!

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Dairy-free, Vegan Pesto!

This pesto is so good that you or you friends will never notice it’s dairy-free! The nutritional yeast adds cheesy flavor; the use of the nutritional yeast in this recipe is a replacement for the Parmesan, which contains animal rennet. We do not really suggest using miso paste to the …

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Vegan Recipe: Mediterranean Grilled Chickpea Stuffed Avocados

Grill, yes… we’ll be needing it for this recipe — one, to bake some crispy chickpeas, and two, so we can get the perfect grill marks on the avo halves! Finally, we’ll be topping up the grilled avocado halves with colorful mixes of red (tomato), green (cucumber), yellow (chickpeas), a …

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One Of The Strongest Men In The World Is Also Vegan

Meet Patrik Baboumian, German’s Strongest Man, Who Also Happens To Be VEGAN. Better known as the “vegan strongman”, Baboumian currently still holds the world log lift record in the 105k-category (165 kg), as well as the German heavyweight loglift record (180 kg) and the title of “Strongest Man of Germany” (105 kg division). Baboumian has …

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