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Mezze Cake

Wow! Look at this! This #‎vegan #‎Mezze Cake would really make my day! TRY IT OUT. #‎veganrecipes Video Instructions here. How to make this healthy mezze cake… Ingredients: 2 Aubergines 2 Courgettes 1 Jar Sun Dried Tomatoes 1 Jar Artichokes 1 Large Pot Hummus 1 Pot of Baba Ganoush 1 …

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Stop Yulin’s Dog Festival!

The cruelty has to stop! When a country promotes a festival like the Yulin’s Dog Festival, these are the kind of monsters you create over time. Sorry for the words but it’s the truth. This is from China. Please stop supporting any form of animal-related businesses and interests. GO VEGAN. …

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Refreshing Orange Creamsicle Popsicles For Summer Treat!

Cream and zesty citrus make the perfect combination to put out the heat for this summer! These bright orange creamsicle popsicles pack a healthy dose of vitamin-C rich for a healthy dessert. Makes 4 popsicles What You Need: 2 oranges, peeled Zest of one orange 1 peach, pitted 1/3 cup …

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