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NFL Chicago Bear’s David Carter – The 300 Pound Vegan!

“Every Animal Has A Voice.” – David Carter

And the voice needs to be heard.

I don’t always care about football. But when I do, it’s because a vegan was just signed by The NFL’s Chicago Bears.

For a man who grew up with grandparents who owned a barbecue restaurant back in Los Angeles, meat was not only in his blood but on his body — at 6-foot-5, 300 pounds.

On the Valentine’s Day of 2014, he finally gave in to his wife, Paige’s pleas, and practice, for years, and became a vegan.

In the first two months, he lost 40 pounds, and this was akin to a career suicide. His agent called him crazy. But he persevered on and forced himself to eat every few hours and succeeded in putting back the pounds. He went great lengths to study the nutritional value of food.

Signing with the Bears on July 28 led him to meet with sports science coordinator Jen Gibson, who worked with vegan Olympic hopefuls, on a customized eating plans.

At first, Carter was shocked by the results veganism brought him. He said, “I was shocked. When I first started, I was, ‘What the hell? I have more energy. I’m a lot stronger than I was before.'”


“I don’t have the soreness I used to have before,” said Carter, who thinks the diet is good for the environment and will extend his lifespan. “I’m not sluggish. I recover a lot faster. If I get a little bump or bruise, it hurts for a second and then it goes away. I’m a lot stronger.

People from the Bears have jokingly come up to him saying they might try the diet after football. But he won’t be recruiting any players to join his diet — unless they ask.

Carter was signed to a one-year contract on the eve of training camp Tuesday, listed by the league as a candidate for any of the three defensive line spots in the Bear’s new 3-4 base front.

Image courtesy of The 300Ib Vegan, Carter’s official site for promotion of vegan athletics.

Image source 2 via TheEarthElement

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