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An Animal-Rights Group Snatched A Puppy From Homeless Man

Being a vegan is more than just leaving animals off the menu; it’s also about the right actions, mindset and most of all, the heart not to harm, abuse, sacrifice or cause any living kinds to go through misery and suffering. Watch this group of animal-rights people who claimed they …

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Stop Cruelty. You Can Change It.

The Awakening Comes When We Realised… We weren’t the victims. Animals are. But the industrialised culture has led us to believe it is ok to condone cruelty and sufferings. Animals have done nothing to deserve this. We’re not advocating discrimination nor condemnation just because we embrace kindness, compassion and being …

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One of The Most Powerful Speeches Ever Debated On Animal Rights

He Captivated His Audience With This Inspiring Speech That Is Nothing But The Truth! Philip Wollen, Former Citibank Vice President, made a blazing speech on Animal Rights. The Topic of Debate: Animals Should Be Off the Menu And they should be. Meat is a killing industry. At age 40, Mr …

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