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New Zealand Sets The Precedent By Legally Recognising Animals As Sentient Beings

In May last year, the New Zealand Parliament unanimously passed the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill (principle act being, Animal Welfare Act 1999), which legally recognised animals as sentient beings. The Bill had included a penalty scheme and banned in animal cruelty cases, animal research and testing, and made all hunting …

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A Theme Park in China Lets People Feed LIVE Animals To Hungry Tigers

It’s for “hands-on experience with animals kept in captivity” – Leheledu, a theme park in China. In case you weren’t reading the headlines, to kickstart the new year, a theme park in Chongqing, China has launched a new zoo exhibit that allows people to feed LIVE animals to hungry tigers. Image …

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Germany To End ‘Chick Shredding’ By 2017!

What can be more exhilarating than a country saying no to mass killing of animals? The German government has announced to end the mass ‘shredding’ of millions of live baby male chicks, making it the FIRST country in the world to do so in the brutal egg industry. As many …

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