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Germany To End ‘Chick Shredding’ By 2017!

What can be more exhilarating than a country saying no to mass killing of animals? The German government has announced to end the mass ‘shredding’ of millions of live baby male chicks, making it the FIRST country in the world to do so in the brutal egg industry.


As many as 45 million male chicks in Germany are disposed of as ‘trash’ every year. These male chicks are considered ‘waste product’ of the egg industry worldwide simply because they do not lay eggs. It is a disturbing reality of the commercial egg production.

Shortly after hatching, millions of tiny male chicks are either grounded up alive or suffocated, then repacked as convenient foods — one of them, as we commonly know — are nuggets. Afterall, if they can never lay eggs, they have no commercial value to the industry, neither to be raised as meat nor for egg production.


However, the bleak horizon may possibly see a silver lining when a new technology from research, teamed up in Germany by scientists and animal rights groups, came up with an alternative plan to the mass-slaughtering business.

The new technology will allow each fertilized egg’s sex to be determined before the chick inside develops — providing an option to remove the male-identified eggs, leaving only female eggs to be hatched into chicks.

Germany’s Agriculture Minister, Christian Schmidt, has advised that the method has almost been perfected and will start to be used in hatcheries from late 2016. ‘Chick shredding’ could be a thing of the past in Germany by 2017 — making it the first country in the world to stop the malpractice. He also added that when it ceases, the country ‘would add no more than two cents to the cost of an egg’.

While this sounds like good news, it doesn’t stop the fact that full grown chickens will eventually be slaughtered for food.

With help and support from animal rights activists, it’s not hard to reduce your egg and meat intake — plus, there are many alternatives available; with new and upcoming restaurants and stores sprouting up with vegan options — keeping meat and eggs off your meals needn’t mean missing out on delicious food!

Watch the video on egg production in Australia:

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