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14 Simple Ingredient Swaps That Vegans Must Know

When you come across anyone who’s attempting to go vegan but having second thoughts because they have little clue to what they can use as ingredients for their baking or cooking, show them the infographic we’ve prepared for you. Most of the ingredients shown are just some of the basic …

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Beyonce’s Diets Secrets Revealed (GMA News)

If Houston-Born Foodie Beyonce Can Do It, So Can You! Good morning, America! I don’t know about you but seriously for me, it’s not so much about getting the looks or achieving weight loss, it’s really for my health, animals and the environment. That’s my main reason. But having said …

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Finding Vegetarian Food Is Such A Breeze!

Vegetarian Food Is Everywhere! Cut The Excuses And Start Eating Today! Saying is always easy but hey, in this video Lindsey is going to walk the talk and prove it to everyone how easy it is to find vegetarian food out everywhere. There’re lots of options to choose from: Mexican, …

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Recipe: Silky and Creamy Vegan Ice Cream That Will Change Your Life!

Light, Luscious, Creamy and Smooth Vegan Roasted Banana Ice Cream Originally published by a writer of The New York Times, this vegan ice cream will blow your mind! There’s a whole vegan chapter in the new “Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream” cookbook (Ecco, 2015). And among the treasures of 90 …

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“Tastes like chicken” – Breaking News On Last Week Tonight (HBO)

Smiling Chickens And Poultry Farming? You Need To Think Again! Here comes a time where we eat so much chicken that it has become a reference point for every other meat tasters. To prove our point, you can even wiki on “Tastes like chicken“. There’s no real relevance — every unusual, …

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One of The Most Powerful Speeches Ever Debated On Animal Rights

He Captivated His Audience With This Inspiring Speech That Is Nothing But The Truth! Philip Wollen, Former Citibank Vice President, made a blazing speech on Animal Rights. The Topic of Debate: Animals Should Be Off the Menu And they should be. Meat is a killing industry. At age 40, Mr …

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