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The REAL 40 Illustrations of “If Humans And Animals Switched Places”

What happens when humans and animals switched places? These 40 illustrations will show you.

#31 Ingredients stuffing


In the real world:

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turkey-1 turkey-2

#32 Cooking Alive


In the real world:

And humans can’t get enough from just lobsters and crabs.

alive-1 alive-2 alive-3 alive6alive-4 alive5

#33 Necklace


#34 Human Head Decor


#35 Caged human singing


In the real world:

cagedbirds1 cagedbirds2

#36 Laboratory research


In the real world:

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animal-lab2 animal-lab1 animal-lab3

#37 Sliced ham and kebab


In the real world:

pig-cruelty1 pig-cruelty2 pig cruelty3

#38 Burning human with magnifying glass


#39 Cutting down the trees


In the real world:

This is not just about trees cutting.

Animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation around the world, with lush forests and rainforests clearcut to make room for farmed animals. In the amazon, over 80% of the deforestation has been caused by animal agriculture.

This fits the idea of “plants have feelings too”. Because deforestation caused by mankind are massacring the forestkind and like you said, plants have feelings.

deforestation2  deforestation1deforestation3

#40 Becoming the prey


In the real world:

hunting2 hunting1 hunting3

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