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The Vegan Diet That Fuels The Vegan Ironman – John Joseph

John Joseph is a very well-known figure in both the hardcore punk and vegan communities. As lead singer of legendary New York hardcore band Cro-Mags, he’s used his status and platform to spread the word about the benefits of plant-based diets and PMA (positive mental attitude). Besides actively taking his …

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Why Vegans Don’t Drink Milk – A Bite Size Video Kids Can Watch!

Whether you’re a kid, vegan parent or an educator, this is a child-friendly and informative video that is wonderful for educating people about milk. There are all kinds of dairy milk substitutes you can drink that are not derived from animals. Here’s a really useful and expanding list of vegan milk …

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Beyonce’s Diets Secrets Revealed (GMA News)

If Houston-Born Foodie Beyonce Can Do It, So Can You! Good morning, America! I don’t know about you but seriously for me, it’s not so much about getting the looks or achieving weight loss, it’s really for my health, animals and the environment. That’s my main reason. But having said …

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“Tastes like chicken” – Breaking News On Last Week Tonight (HBO)

Smiling Chickens And Poultry Farming? You Need To Think Again! Here comes a time where we eat so much chicken that it has become a reference point for every other meat tasters. To prove our point, you can even wiki on “Tastes like chicken“. There’s no real relevance — every unusual, …

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One of The Most Powerful Speeches Ever Debated On Animal Rights

He Captivated His Audience With This Inspiring Speech That Is Nothing But The Truth! Philip Wollen, Former Citibank Vice President, made a blazing speech on Animal Rights. The Topic of Debate: Animals Should Be Off the Menu And they should be. Meat is a killing industry. At age 40, Mr …

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