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The Perfect Chocolate Substitute

The Next Time You’re Craving For Chocolates, Use This!

How many times have we heard people saying they’re not ready to be vegan simply because they can’t give up on chocolate? Uh-oh~ bad news is, here’s one less excuse for them not to.

The grace of nature is this: it’s not the end because there’s always an alternative option out there — if you try hard enough, and managed to discover it in time.

With carob, you won’t have to say goodbye to chocolates forever, even if you’re a vegan.

Now you can satisfy your craving for chocolates by substituting it with this natural, healthier plant-based ingredient! Plus, the beauty of this ingredient has a mild sweet taste on its own! This means — a healthier choice of raw ingredient, because unlike cacao, which is bitter and requires to be loaded with sugar and other refinery process to make it sweet. Carobs are available in the form of whole pods, cubes, syrup and powder.

If it’s so good then why aren’t many people aware of it? There’s a one good reason and I can almost picture it. Can you imagine if everyone starts flocking to demand for carobs instead of cacao, cocoa, or chocolate? How would this impact on the billion-dollar chocolate industry? You don’t need an answer from me; you’ve already got it.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing perfect in this world — not even the wondrous chocolate substitute, carob. For the diabetics, carob in the form of candy is very similar to chocolate candy, in terms of increasing blood sugar level. Raw carob powder (without sweetener) is slightly higher in carbohydrates, but does not trigger the allergenic effects that chocolate can.

There’s a great news for fur kids’ parents: carob does not contain a toxic ingredient, known as, theobromine — this can be deadly to cats and dogs when consumed. For decades, they have been deprived of the addictive chocolates their human owner’s been having. But, as more pet treat makers are becoming aware of carob, you will not be surprised to find chocolate-flavoured pet treats in stores!

The infographics diagram below shows you everything you need to know between the two. Make your choice! I’ve already made mine. 😉

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