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Stop Cruelty. You Can Change It.

The Awakening Comes When We Realised… We weren’t the victims. Animals are. But the industrialised culture has led us to believe it is ok to condone cruelty and sufferings. Animals have done nothing to deserve this. We’re not advocating discrimination nor condemnation just because we embrace kindness, compassion and being …

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The Perfect Chocolate Substitute

The Next Time You’re Craving For Chocolates, Use This! How many times have we heard people saying they’re not ready to be vegan simply because they can’t give up on chocolate? Uh-oh~ bad news is, here’s one less excuse for them not to. The grace of nature is this: it’s not …

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Vegetarians vs Vegans

Is there any difference between the two? Don’t get us wrong. We love them both but many people have a little confusion, so here’s to help you get a clearer picture. It’s like, I still sometimes get the kind of confused look from people when they’re wondering ‘oh, should we …

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NFL Chicago Bear’s David Carter – The 300 Pound Vegan!

“Every Animal Has A Voice.” – David Carter And the voice needs to be heard. I don’t always care about football. But when I do, it’s because a vegan was just signed by The NFL’s Chicago Bears. For a man who grew up with grandparents who owned a barbecue restaurant …

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Beyonce’s Diets Secrets Revealed (GMA News)

If Houston-Born Foodie Beyonce Can Do It, So Can You! Good morning, America! I don’t know about you but seriously for me, it’s not so much about getting the looks or achieving weight loss, it’s really for my health, animals and the environment. That’s my main reason. But having said …

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Finding Vegetarian Food Is Such A Breeze!

Vegetarian Food Is Everywhere! Cut The Excuses And Start Eating Today! Saying is always easy but hey, in this video Lindsey is going to walk the talk and prove it to everyone how easy it is to find vegetarian food out everywhere. There’re lots of options to choose from: Mexican, …

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